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Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

As new users, you probably have questions about how to use cryptocurrency and what it is. Here are the five best cryptocurrency books for beginners to get started.

Cryptocurrency is a new way of making money, and we’ve found the best books to help you learn more about it.

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept, but it has taken over the world like wildfire. There are many reasons to invest in cryptocurrency, but some people are just starting out and looking to educate themselves. 

There are many resources available to help guide you along the way, but we’re here to share our favorite books for beginners!

In this guide, we list the best books on cryptocurrency in 2022

1. Introduction to Bitcoins and Blockchains by Antony Lewis

Intro the book and its author

The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains is a book written by Antony Lewis, who has a diverse background in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics.

He is currently working as an instructor at Princeton University and is an active researcher in the fields of cryptography, blockchain innovation, and the cryptocurrency industry. The book is written for those interested who wish to learn more about Bitcoin.

State its purpose (what was it written for?)

Bitcoin and the Blockchain: A Step-by-Step Guide. Antony Lewis discusses how not just to understand the technology but to use it in the modern marketplace.

This book puts a framework around the concepts of blockchains and bitcoin, explaining what they are and how they relate to other aspects of a business today.

Write a summary of the book’s main themes and approaches

Antony Lewis is an internationally recognized expert in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Since September 2017, he has been a member of the technical advisory board at several reputable companies in the space such as Google, Microsoft, and Consensus Systems.

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The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains is a book that gives a great introduction to the world of bitcoin, but it is not about bitcoin.

It is about the blockchain, and how it works. The author explains the meaning behind each of the key terms used in this revolutionary technology. He also helps you understand why it is important to understand the process before you dive into it yourself.

Pros and Cons

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

The pros of the article are that it explains in a very detailed manner what bitcoin and blockchain mean and the connection between them. The cons are that some parts of the article seem to be too technical and may be difficult to understand for many people.

In addition, it does not only focus on bitcoin but also explains other cryptocurrencies such as Namecoin and Ethereum but does not explain all of them. Another issue is that there were no data or examples provided in most of the sections.

There is much clarity, conciseness, and information in the article. It achieves clarity by using well-explained examples and data.

The author has done well in pointing out some of the general attributes of Blockchains and Bitcoins, thereby making it easier for readers to understand the issue.

Apologize that your report is not ready, but I am happy to continue with your project after you address the requirements. Antony Lewis is clearly a top expert in this field, and his article on Bitcoins and blockchains was both informative and succinct.

I noticed some errors in grammar but otherwise found it easy to understand and follow. However, there are a few areas that could benefit from a little more detail, such as broader information about some of the terms used like “proof-of-work” and “mining” and more detail about how BitCoin mining works from a technical perspective.

Antony Lewis’s “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains” provides a basic overview of the technologies that underlie cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. He does this briefly by defining bitcoin, blockchain technology, and wallet addresses.

The text also touches on how these systems work in the context of money and currency. He concludes with suggestions for readers looking to delve deeper into the subject matter.


In conclusion, Bitcoins and blockchains have a lot of potentials to make our world a better place.

Summarize the argument

I think that the argument is well-written, and I did not have any issues with it. However, there are three errors that need to be corrected: 

1) “Bitcoin can also be used for money laundering or cybercrime,” 

2) “a single party controls the entire Bitcoin network.” 

3) “The first two errors can easily be corrected by rephrasing or by using links to help explain the concepts in great detail.”.

The third error would need to be clarified with a citation and links if it is included at all. Overall, this paper is well-written for an introductory class on bitcoins/blockchains.

Restate the thesis Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

This article provides an overview of the basics of bitcoin and blockchains. It provides an introduction to the context and history of blockchain technology, addresses some of the challenges faced by cryptocurrency that are related to its distributed nature, discusses some of the technical challenges involved in building a blockchain-based system, proposes a solution to address these issues, and finally evaluates how well this proposed solution would work using real-world examples.

Offer recommendations on Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

The Bitcoin network has taken the world by storm and it is only expected to grow. Blockchain technology, which makes up the foundation of the Bitcoin network, has endless possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

Once you have an idea of what Bitcoin and Blockchain are all about, then you are ready for a deeper understanding of how these technologies can benefit your business and life.

2. 2nd Edition of Andreas M. Antonopoulos’s Mastering Bitcoin

Intro the book and its author

This book will teach you how to build applications on top of the Bitcoin protocol. You’ll learn how to build secure, reliable, and scalable systems with bitcoin-based technologies including peer-to-peer messaging, with a chapter specifically dedicated to secured communication based on the Cryptocat protocol.

Since publishing his first software book in 2005, Andreas M. Antonopoulos has become one of the world’s top blockchain experts and thought leaders. His work received acclaim from publications such as Popular Science, CNET, New York Times, and Bloomberg.

Google has recently appointed him as one of its blockchain technology advisors. Wired Magazine has also honored him as one of their “Heroes”. This eBook offers a highly practical guide to building applications on the bitcoin blockchain

State its purpose (what was it written for?)

The master textbook on Bitcoin and open-source blockchain technology development. Written by the best-selling author of The Internet of Money and Bitcoin: A Primer for Policy Makers, Mastering Bitcoin describes how we can create a new economy built on distributed digital assets, and teaches you the theory needed to use this new financial system.

It is a must-read for technical developers and non-technical business people alike,” he said. “Whether you are new to blockchain technology, or already working in it, this book will offer guidance on what to do and how to do it.”

Mastering Bitcoin is the definitive guide to using Bitcoin and other decentralized, peer-to-peer systems to securely manage your money and custom applications fast.

The first book to combine technical and business methods for building Internet-scale decentralized services, Mastering Bitcoin incorporates cutting-edge cryptography and powerful programming techniques with a complete historical Bitcoin context you won’t find anywhere else.

It covers everything from the basics of mining to using the Treasury System in politics, inventories, escrow services, and more.

Give a brief summary of the book’s key concepts and approach

Mastering Bitcoin, 2nd Edition by Andreas M. Antonopoulos is about how to master the Bitcoin protocol. This new edition includes new information about the latest developments in bitcoin and blockchain technologies such as Lightning Network, SegWit, and the Lightning Network atomic swap.

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Learning the Blockchain is an excellent book by Andreas Antonopoulos that covers the history of Bitcoin, how it works, and how to create your own private/public/third-party blockchains.

This book is a close second to Mastering Bitcoin, but it also includes details on how to program the blockchain and how to handle mining.

It is a great book for beginners who want to understand more about programming the bitcoin network.

In this second edition of Mastering Bitcoin, author Andreas Antonopoulos explains the complex system behind cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, the blockchain. He shows how it works, where it comes from, and what the future holds. In Mastering Bitcoin, you’ll learn how to understand bitcoin’s revolutionary potential with clear explanations and practical examples in Python, C++, and JavaScript.

Having read both the original Mastering Bitcoin and the prequel Mastering Ethereum, I think Antonopoulos misses an opportunity to explore the underlying theory and algorithms that underly these systems.

The book is ultimately still a fantastic resource for beginners – but it is not as complete as a technical reference guide should be.

Pros and Cons

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

This book is for anyone who wants to learn about the core concepts and practices behind bitcoin, the open blockchain technology that’s at the heart of decentralized applications and cryptocurrency.

It will help you become a programmer for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will learn programming fundamentals in C++, a clear language with a proven track record used by developers around the world. 

You’ll wade through a series of practical projects in which you’ll create an efficient daily workflow using Open Transactions, create a mobile client wallet with multiple authentication layers, build out an innovative proof-of-trust algorithm using peer-to-peer networks built on top of bitcoin called Tangledbundle, and much more!

Mastering Bitcoin is an all-encompassing guide to the world of bitcoin, covering topics from a basic explanation of the technology to using it, programming it, and much more.

Since the original publication of this book in 2016, significant changes have taken place in the field, hence the need for an updated and revised edition. 

The author’s goal is not only to teach readers things they didn’t know already but also to provide them with tips on how they can use their newfound knowledge to become successful independent developers or entrepreneurs looking to start businesses based on bitcoin technology.


In Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain, Andreas M. Antonopoulos shows how blockchain can help solve some of the most troubling issues facing society today, including censorship resistance and globalization.

Summarize the argument

Bitcoin we are lucky to live in. Technology has propelled us forward to a time where the world is much simpler and we can do more with less.

Today, you’ll learn how to use Bitcoin in a variety of ways and prepare for your entrepreneurial journey.

Restate the thesis

The blockchain revolution has changed the way we do business and led to the creation of new decentralized applications. In Mastering Bitcoin:

Programming the Open Blockchain, you’ll discover how you can easily build distributed applications (Dapps) on top of the world’s fastest-growing open-source technology.

Offer recommendations on Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain provides a practical guide to understanding how blockchains and smart contracts work.

It starts with an overview of the blockchain, Smart Contracts, and their applications, and then get into topics like mining, cryptographic security, and consensus mechanisms.

3. Introducing Blockchain in 25 Easy Steps by Daniel Drescher

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

Intro the book and its author

This book is not only a non-technical introduction to Bitcoin but also a guide to the history of its birth and nurturing.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about the world’s first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It shares the author’s thoughts on how Bitcoin started, how it can forever change our daily lives, and offers insights into possible future growth.

State its purpose (what was it written for?)

Using a layperson’s perspective, Daniel Drescher wrote this book in order to provide information on the everyday uses of blockchain technology. 

It covers a broad range of topics like – what are blockchain algorithms, types of blockchains, best practices in deploying a distributed ledger, security threats, and more.

Each chapter in the book talks about different aspects of this technology i.e storage and storage applications industries, supply chain management industries, and more.

Summarize the author’s key ideas and approach to the book’s subject

The book is a direct and concise introduction to blockchain, in the most practical manner possible. It introduces you to the central concepts and technological fundamentals of this revolutionary technology.

The book teaches you to build on your own, using open-source code and nodes, so that you can fully understand how things work and how you can use this new technology in your own way.

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This book will help you to understand Blockchain fundamentals in 25 steps. You’ll learn about what a blockchain is and how it can help your business as well as investors, who want to know what one is and how it works.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps: This book provides you with a hands-on guide to the world of blockchain, from the basic building blocks and fundamental concepts to the economic benefits of smart contracts.

A very readable and concise guide on blockchain from the author of Blockchain For Dummies.

Pros and Cons

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

Learn the foundational concepts of blockchain technology, including its evolution across a broad range of industries and the legal issues surrounding its use.

Discover how blockchain technology works and the importance of a good understanding of auditors. Discover how blockchain technology works and the importance of a good understanding of auditors.

We have written this book to help anyone understand what blockchain is and why it exists. This is true whether they are a newcomer to it or have been in the industry for years. You’ll learn a lot about blockchain technology in this presentation, but not in much detail

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps is a very beneficial book to read if you are new to the blockchain world. It helps you understand what Blockchain is and its features without being technical.

Although blockchain has been around for more than a decade, the general population is only now starting to wrap their heads around this technology.

The so-called disruptive force of blockchain is really making waves in the business world—from automating the tracking of purchases, to many of the large companies that have invested heavily in it—but it seems that most people are still unaware of all its possibilities beyond just “cryptocurrency” and speculation.


In conclusion, this book offers an easy-to-read and understandable introduction to blockchain technology. The author breaks down the most important technical concepts into easy-to-digest bite-sized chunks, so you can get up to speed in no time.

If you’re looking for a technical but non-technical guide to blockchain development, then this is a must-have book! In fact, it’s the best book on the blockchain I’ve read so far.

Summarize the argument

Blockchain Basics is a groundbreaking book in that it combines the latest strategies, strategies, and insights that can help you achieve your goal in marketing. I believe every entrepreneur must read this book as an entrepreneur, who wants to build a successful business must have all this in mind.

This book helps me understand the basics of blockchain technology and how to make use of it for my everyday business purposes. Also, teach us about the blockchain ecosystem and give us various examples of successful companies that are using blockchain technology in their businesses.

Restate the thesis

Investing in bitcoin offers many attractive features: a chance to participate in the digital revolution, an opportunity to scale your wealth and build something that can last, and a return on investment with virtually no risk or volatility.

Offer recommendations Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

In this book, I offer a non-technical introduction to the basics of blockchain technology. My goal is to help you overcome your fear of technology and understand the innovations that are reshaping our world.

As you go through each chapter, I’ll explain why blockchain matters and how it differs from traditional databases. You will have gathered enough information to make a wise decision about investing in Bitcoin and becoming involved in blockchain technology after reading this book.

4. Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

Intro the book and its author

That’s right, Bitcoin Billionaires is a book that has become very popular. The book is an easy-to-read nonfiction account of the lives of people who got rich through cryptocurrencies, like the founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu. The author Ben Mezrich came up with this idea for a book after many interviews he did by trying to understand how these people became wealthy.

He then wrote this book based on his interviews and research which explores the trajectory of money into crypto-currency and then eventually into properties like Casa Pacifica in LA.

State its purpose (what was it written for?)

Bitcoin Billionaires is an exhilarating journey into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The story centers on twin brothers who own a $60 billion cryptocurrency firm, taking readers through their rise to the top of their industry. From their upbringing in New York to their partnership with their Nobel Prize–winning scientist brother, this book provides an in-depth look at one of the most important business stories of the year.

Summarize the author’s key ideas and approach to the book’s subject

This book is about the lives and times of billionaires. But it goes beyond just the lives, for not only are they exposed in this book, but their styles, thoughts, discoveries, and passions are summed up by Ben Mezrich.

Many of today’s billionaires didn’t just start out that way; many have experienced enormous success against incredible odds.

Who doesn’t love a good money saga? Ben Mezrich’s new book, Bitcoin Billionaires, takes us into the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin.

The story follows three friends–two men and a woman–as they go through their lives in college, then work together on Wall Street, and later wind up becoming the top dogs at crypto success stories.

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If you like to read about the world’s richest people, Billionaires by Ben Mezrich is a wonderful book that follows the lives of some very wealthy individuals.

#Bitcoin Billionaires is the untold story of the world’s legendary crypto billionaires and their impact on finance and investing. The book exposes these visionary investors and entrepreneurs for who they really are: outcasts, misfits, and outsiders.

The Bitcoin Billionaires is a story of the rise and fall of cryptocurrency billionaires. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the people who have made their fortunes in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency trading.

Pros and Cons

The Billionaire Boys Club is an outrageous, extraordinary, and wildly popular new book by Ben Mezrich that takes the reader inside the super-rich world of exclusive teen poker games, and exotic holidays in Europe and Las Vegas.

These rich, hot young men know each other, having grown up together, gone to boarding school together, or even been born on the same day.

They’re called “Billionaires” and they love fast cars and fast living. They either live in luxury mansions or in more modest but still fabulous houses with five-car garages and landscaped gardens filled with rare flowers . . .

Pros: Fast-paced and action-packed narrative, interesting characters, intelligent writing, and a lot of pop culture references, the story starts in 1980 but ends up covering thousands of years

The book Bitcoin Billionaires, by Ben Mezrich, focuses on the people and groups involved in the creation of bitcoin.

It is also a fun read as it is broken into four parts: The Genesis of Bitcoin, The Genesis of Mt. Gox, and The Genesis of Silk Road


Billionaires is an extremely engaging novel about the world of high-stakes finance, masterminding, and high-stakes gambling. It is a story that could only be told by a master storyteller like Ben Mezrich.

The writing is so spare and powerful that I found me moved many times during the course of this horrifically intriguing narrative. Billionaires are definitely for adults only; I had to put it away after about two chapters because it got too intense for me

Summarize the argument

The narrator of this article states that Bitcoin is a brilliant invention, with many amazing and exciting features. One of these features includes the fact that it is digital which makes it cheaper to use and mine. 

This article also explains how Bitcoin billionaires have been created by using this super cryptocurrency. This is an important way that more people will be attracted to investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin because they are starting to see big returns on their investments.

Restate the thesis

The Billionaires Trilogy is a fun, intellectual look at the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In this book, Mezrich describes the lives of four young people who became billionaires upon meeting with a fellow high-tech entrepreneur from Barcelona.

A different character narrates each chapter of the story. Readers will easily stay interested through each intricate narrative that spans multiple countries, but what really stands out are the life lessons that come out of it all.

It would make a great gift for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies or entrepreneurship (especially those planning to start their own business).

Offer recommendation

Readers who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency or Wall Street may find some details too confusing. The book reads like a fast-paced, intriguing thriller. Despite a captivating subject matter, the book does not compel you to get into it.

5. Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna: The Truth Machine

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

Intro the book and its author

It is a book that aims to explore how blockchain technology can be used in business and society.

It consists of sixteen chapters, which include predictions on topics such as social media, politics, and money.”

State its purpose (what was it written for?)

This is a book about the first fully functioning decentralized blockchain system, bitcoin. It is about the entire ecosystem it has created and the potential for all parties in that ecosystem to profit from its success.

The authors have a proven track record of being among the early practitioners, advocates, and successful investors in new technologies. They are experts in this field.

We’ve seen some of their predictions come true with no signs of changing when it comes to disruption within sectors such as energy and commodities trading, banking, payments and credit card processing, health care management, etc

Briefly summarize the book’s key ideas and approach

In The Truth Machine, Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna present a clear and valuable guide to the future of blockchain technology.

It shows how the revolutionary new technology works at its most elemental level alongside other groundbreaking innovations such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and even bitcoin itself.

This is a book for everyone who wants to understand how this increasingly popular technology can be used to improve our lives in many surprising ways.

Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna write about the future of financial services using blockchain technologies in a manner that will be useful for both financial services professionals and consumers.

The authors compare the potential risks and benefits of implementing today’s existing blockchain technologies with the disruptive potentials that may be achieved by introducing blockchain-based applications in the future with a focus on financial services.

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It’s the story of how this new technology will transform all aspects of our lives, including energy, healthcare, law and government, IT, entertainment, and media — even our sense of privacy.

Michael Casey and Paul Vigna explore how technology undergirds three political revolutions—from democracy to privacy and infrastructure to censorship.

Pros and Cons

Best cryptocurrency books for beginners


This book provides readers with a historic and scientific analysis of the blockchain, one of the most important technologies that will shape the future.

Blockchain has already changed our perception of productive forces and value creation, and there’s no turning back.

Summarize the argument

The Truth Machine is a blockchain-focused book that argues that the technology’s key value proposition is its ability to automatically create high-quality digital information, thus accelerating our understanding of how the world around us works.

In other words, “truth machines” are a transformative technology, the adoption of which will fundamentally change our approach to information gathering and processing, especially in fields as diverse as journalism and research.

Restate the thesis Best cryptocurrency books for beginners

The Truth Machine is a sweeping, inspirational narrative of the most important invention since the Internet itself: blockchain technology.

Tracing the history of innovation from its roots in medieval Europe to its present-day rise as the future of everything, Casey and Vigna explore how it is changing finance, government, healthcare, and more—and why.

They reveal how this remarkable technology has begun to reshape our world—and, perhaps most excitingly all around us, how it will continue to do so in ways that we can’t even imagine yet.

Offer recommendation

The Truth Machine is a blockchain-focused book that argues that the technology’s key value proposition is its ability to automatically create high-quality digital information, thus accelerating our understanding of how the world around us works.

In other words, “truth machines” are a transformative technology, the adoption of which will fundamentally change our approach to information gathering and processing, especially in fields as diverse as journalism and research.

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