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Best Crypto Exchange in Canada 2023

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If you’re looking to get into cryptocurrency, you must be aware of the best crypto exchange in Canada in 2023. However, deciding which exchange is right for your needs can feel like sifting through a patchwork of information.

This guide will help you choose between two popular exchanges — Gemini and Coinbase Pro — based on their trading fees, popularity, regulations, and payment options.

Best Exchange to Buy Crypto in Canada 2023

When considering the best exchange to buy crypto in Canada 2023 in 2023, there are a few key metrics that you’ll need to actually consider. These have a significant impact on pricing and fees, but also on your ability to move funds between exchanges without additional cost. When trying to choose the best crypto exchange in Canada, focus on these metrics:

To get started on your crypto trading journey, you’ll need to find the best crypto exchange in Canada. This guide will walk you through some of the key aspects of choosing a platform for your trading needs.

This guide will show you the best exchange in Canda

Best Crypto Exchange in Canada 2023 - Bitbuy
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It’s growing faster than ever due to demand and becoming more popular by the day. You may have been tempted to buy some Bitcoin or altcoin, but don’t know what your best choice is for a Canadian exchange in 2023. That’s why we’ve made this guide.

What is the best crypto exchange in Canada in 2023?

Bitcoin and other altcoins are all the rage right now, which means they’re being traded on a lot of crypto exchanges. But what is the best crypto exchange in Canada in 2023? In this post, we will cover several key metrics and provide you with a list of Canadian-based exchanges that we think are worth consideration.

Bitbuy – Overall Top Crypto Exchange in Canada

In the year 2016 it was officially launched. Bitbuy has become popular in Canada since its launch.

Best Crypto Exchange in Canada 2023 - Bitbuy
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In fact, the company claims that over 6 million Canadian dollars worth of cryptocurrencies were traded on their platform in the past 24 months alone.

The cryptocurrency market has emerged as a trendsetter of the new financial world and the opportunities are endless. With market capitalization rising exponentially, there’s no stopping this digital currency.

The main cause of concern is security. Every day people lose their hard-earned money because of crypto exchanges that aren’t sufficiently protected against hacking attacks and fraud.

Bitbuy is a full-featured, secure, and user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. An amazing way to acquire, store, trade, and spend your crypto coins. Best place to start your journey with crypto investing!

Bitbuy Cryptocurrency exchange Found

Bitbuy is a Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2014, Bitbuy has 1.5 million active members and is one of the largest crypto-to-crypto platforms in Canada.

Bitbuy is the leading crypto-to-cryptocurrency exchange, with a comprehensive listing of over 100 hashing algorithms, supported cryptocurrencies, and 1 million margin trading pairs.

Best Crypto Exchange in Canada 2023 - Bitbuy
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This means you can effectively trade all cryptocurrency markets on Bitbuy including REQ (Request Network), PAX (Paxos Standard Token), ZRX (0x), and BNB (Binance Coin) at 0.25% flat fees. With these low costs and minimal spreads between your buys and sells, Bitbuy is ideal for day traders or those looking to minimize risk by buying low and selling high!

The Bitbuy Bit2Go platform is one of the most exciting developments in the Canadian cryptocurrency market. As the first professional platform, it combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges to provide end-user traders with an exceptional trading experience.

Bitbuy offers a diverse range of trading products, including A-share, ETF, EFT, and FX. Its unique trade engine provides real-time data visualization tools which allow users to gain insights into the markets before executing their trades.

Deposit fees and Payment methods

Bitbuy has a variety of deposit methods for Canadians. Interac e-Transfer is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada. With a 1.5% fee using Interac e-Transfer, or a 0.5% fee using Wire transfer, you can quickly and easily deposit CAD into your Bitbuy account!

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Bitbuy offers the easiest and most secure way to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada. Use Interac e-Transfer or Wire transfer for a 1.5% fee using Interac e-Transfer, or a 0.5% fee using Wire transfer. There are no transaction fees on Bitbuy – you only pay when you sell your cryptocurrency!

Bitbuy is Canada’s most convenient way to buy. With our trade-at function, you can use cryptocurrency to pay a discounted price when trading with us. It is free to deposit Crypto into your Bitbuy account.

Bitbuy is the simplest and fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin in Canada. With our world-class trading platform and one of the lowest fees in Canada, you can trade Cryptocurrency at your own pace, without the high fees that other exchanges charge.

Reputation and Security

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BitBuy License and Insurance

We are a federally approved Restricted Dealer, meaning that we are a financial entity that enables customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

Bitbuy complies with all necessary regulations and helps businesses with their financial needs by providing secure, reliable, and transparent payment services.

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BitBuy is a registered Money Services Business with FINTRAC and it provides all the tools and services to meet your requirements. CSA and FINTRAC register Bit buy as a restricted dealer for the trade of TCS.

BitBuy offers insurance protection for your crypto assets, and a licensing service to help protect you from any taxation implications when acquiring or selling virtual currency in Canada.

Allowed Countries 

Please do not use BitBuy if you do not reside in the following countries: 

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Staking / Interest-Earning Accounts

Staking is a type of interest-bearing account where you lock your coins and hold them in your exchange account. When the exchange finds a profitable project and sends interest back to you, there’s a chance that you could earn more than just staking. This includes trading on exchanges or lending out coins to other users as Defi (decentralized finance).

Staking and interest-earning are two ways of earning profit from your cryptocurrency. Staking is a process of lending your cryptocurrency to an exchange that allows you to earn interest on your holdings.

In return, you can offer the exchange higher rates for instant deposits and withdrawals than other users who do not have staking or interest-earning options with their exchange.

Features and Fees

All your cryptocurrency needs can be met at Bitbuy. Bitbuy has advanced charting and order types for beginners, as well as experienced traders. By using Bitbuy’s Express Trade platform, you can place trades in a matter of seconds, and Bitbuy’s Pro Trade platform gives you all the information you need to make informed investments. What’s the point of waiting? Sign up today & start trading!

Exchange Token

Usually, trading fees are discounted when exchange tokens are used. 

There is no exchange token offered by BitBuy, however.

Asset Classes

There are no NFTs, futures, or option trading platforms available on BitBuy, only OTC and spot trading.  

Market Share

ETH and BTC were the most popular cryptocurrencies traded on BitBuy for the past 24 hours, according to 

User Experience 

Bitbuy is a very easy-to-use site that offers a great user experience. I really liked the fact that they have such a simple checkout process and also provide simple ways to find out all the basics about their site.

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It has a few steps, but these are straightforward enough for a novice to understand.

BitBuy’s Ux is well-designed, easy to navigate, and very user-friendly. The site’s design is quite simple and easy to use, which makes it user-friendly for new customers. It has a few steps, but these are straightforward enough for a novice to understand.

Platform Functionality

BitBuy has a mobile app. It’s got an excellent 4.6-star rating and 6,500 reviews are what it is. The app lets you buy Bitcoin instantly and securely with cash, a bank account, or Interac e-Transfer. It also offers many other features, including alerts on news and market movement in your portfolio.

Design and Appearance

BitBuy’s site design is easy to navigate with a helpful site menu at the bottom of the page.

The site design is clean and professional. BitBuy has an easy-to-use website with a menu at the bottom of the page that lets you navigate to different services and products more conveniently.

Registration Process

BitBuy’s accounts are verified through automated ID verification, requiring an account holder to have a driver’s license or another form of identification with them. If this option does not work for you, we’ll require you to upload a financial statement and utility bill along with a selfie with your ID.

You must register with BitBuy before you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies.


Based on our research, has earned a spot as the best crypto exchange in Canada and is expected to stay there for the next decade. This popularity is likely to attract many more users to the platform and will especially do so after their expansion plans are complete. These plans include expansion into publishing daily news reports on current cryptocurrency trends and events taking place around the world.

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